We’ll be back soon!

What a very strange year we have had! We got off to a successful start with our Annual General Meeting at the end of January, and our “Musical Morning Tea” concert at Top Ryde library in March. Almost immediately after that, though, the pandemic prompted the shut-down of all choirs, so we have been unable to meet and sing together while our governments and health professionals have been busy saving lives.

But now, some good news! As of December 7th, up to 50 people are now allowed to sing together indoors with appropriate distancing. Ryde City Council generously held our hall booking for us throughout the year and has confirmed our venue hire for next year. They are in the process of updating their COVID-safe requirements for their venues. Of course, there is still a pandemic on and restrictions could return, but we are optimistic they won’t.

At our November committee meeting, the committee decided on a fresh start for 2021 rather than trying to meet in the short time left this year. So we plan to resume on schedule on Wednesday, 27th of January, 2021, 1.30pm. We hope to see you all then!